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If you need a new cell phone or cell phone service, Global Wireless is the place to go in Hamilton, MT. Stop looking through other cell phones stores. Global Wireless has everything you need.

We sell the most popular products on the market, and we offer unbeatable prepaid plans for your phone. Plus, we sell any accessories you could want for your phone.

We're located in the Wireless Superstore Center in Hamilton. Visit our cell phone shop today to browse through our selection.

Support a Hamilton business

If you're looking for cell phone stores in Hamilton, MT, look no further. Global Wireless is a trusted, family-owned company that has served the community for the last decade. We're proud to work with and support local Hamilton businesses.

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5 reasons to go prepaid with your phone plan

Global Wireless offers a selection of prepaid cell phone service plans. Here's why we're happy to offer prepaid plans:

1. Prepaid plans are more budget-friendly and can accommodate growing families.
2. There's no commitment with prepaid plans, meaning you can change things up whenever you need to.
3. There are no monthly fees that you'll find when you get locked into a contract.
4. Credit isn't involved in getting prepaid phone service.
5. Prepaid plans allow for greater privacy.

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We will not be handling activation or phone sales 30 minutes before close. We will only be accepting payments.