Happy Customers

Every time i go into this store I am impressed with their customer service and their ability to multi-task and provide the service they do. The store is always clean and whenever i have had a problem they were able to fix it. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone i know.

Kirstin Mccowen

I always have great experiences when I go into Global Wireless! The ladies that are their now are absolutely amazing. I with Verizon for years and nothing but terrible customer services. I've been with Global for 6 years now and have nothing but good things to say. In the beginning I had my worries but they have definitely made some improvements.

Damon Hubb

I recently bought a phone from Global Wireless and they have been nothing but amazing towards me. The first phone had a little complications but they were able to fix me up and get me working again ! These ladies are amazing! Thank you Global Wireless!

Ashley Petterson

Customer Service is great! The employees really know their product and system very well. I have had service with these guys for 4 years and haven't had any issues.

Anthony Parks

I switched to these guys a few months ago and their service, plus customer service has been nothing but amazing! I love the customer support that is available there. Another reason why to keep my business local !

Edward Mclane

I just ported over from metro pcs and had no issues what so ever! These people were wonderful to me and my husband. They are very polite and understanding and I would recommend all of my family to switch to their services.

Jeanette Phelps

Me and my wife just switched over from metro, these people were nothing but amazing ! Excellent product , excellent service!

Robert Phelps

These ladies are absolutely amazing! They have help me out so much. No to mention there is always great customer service every time I am in!

Kimmy Anderson

Great company with really reliable service! I have loved not having a contract this past 5 years and having a really affordable plan that goes month to month!

Arlene Spencer